30 Year retrospective – Limpact International

Limpact-SMLogo-612pxAs Limelight celebrates it’s 30th year in business it can’t help but look back into former successes. In 1988 Limpact, a manufacturer of “The Best Cathode in the Market” was dealing globally, primarily servicing Aluminum plants. Their impact bonding technology is second to none in creating permanent, corrosion-resistant metal components. Further, that technology reduces energy costs and increases productivity.

Our direction at the time was to create a new corporate identity that spoke to an International marketplace and demonstrated it’s ability to “bond” two unlike metals together–permanently.

Working with our wonderful art director of the day, Maureen Jacques-Jackson, our approach was to create an icon that pushed the world’s continents together to suggest permanent impact bonding. Maureen furthered the metaphor by assigning the key components of manufacturing—copper and zinc to the East and West continents. Limpact International ebbs our own business longevity by 10 additional years of success. Happy Anniversary Limpact.

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