An appeal – mental healthcare services belong in Northumberland…

Dear neighbours,

If you live and/or work in Brighton, Colborne, Cobourg, Port Hope, Campbellford, Bewedly, Hastings and the greater Northumberland area, I would like to sit fireside with you. For me, fireside is where my family and friends have done some of our deepest sharing. After weeks of restless nights, its time I shared a story – this story belongs to all of us.

Right here in our homes, in our neighbours homes, on our streets, roads and avenues, in our schools and work places we are witnessing the rumblings of dramatic change. Voices that have been mostly silent are emerging. People are asking for help as they deal with events that have thwarted them, blocked them, from living a happy productive life. How do I know this? It has come to my attention that the Northumberland Community Counselling Centre (NCCC) in Cobourg has DOUBLED their requests for help and there is no end to this increase.

I can guess that this increase is because there is more talk of mental health in our community, across the province and indeed across Canada… that the stigma of ‘needing counselling’ has diminished, reduced to the point that people are now coming out of the shadows. This is very good. This is a sign of our national healing… except and this is the big one: the Northumberland Community Counselling Centre (NCCC) has doubled [and more] their case load without any additional funding with which to scale up the clinic. The NCCC needs to increase the number of staff, and generally expand their operation to keep pace and anticipate near future increases.

If you are in a position to make any kind of donation to the Northumberland Community Counselling Centre (NCCC) – the time is now. Maybe this giving could be a family affair, or a community, workplace or book club initiative. Perhaps you would like to remember someone with a donation… Perhaps you will SHARE this post so that this story extends into the farthest reaches of the Northumberland County community… print it off and share it on bulletin boards – even send it in the mail.

There, I’ve said my piece – thank you for listening. I welcome you to share your stories with me and others so we can help those who need help and healing have a voice and receive the help they need.

Shared with an open heart,

Peter Gabany
Limelight Advertising & Design


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