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Today more than ever, the commodification of images by way of Social Media has seemingly removed the value of our most cherished considerations… our memories. Through a naming strategy, Limelight delivers brand design for the Family Archivist in the tradition of the archivists trade delivering a handsome corporate image positioning the business where it will be best be noticed.


The “Boomer” has transitioned from the reel-to-reel tape recorder; the transistor radio; 127, 220, 4X5, 5X7, 8X10 and 35mm film still photos; 8mm, Super 8, 16mm movie; 45s and 33LP vinyl, the Walkman®, the Laserdisc®, Beta and VHS, DVCPro to Compact disc, SD and Mini-SD cards; the floppy, miniature hard drives, CDs and DVDs, Mini cassette to standard cassette and photo prints— in 40 short years.

ArchivistCards-1920pxAll of that media collecting memories of birthdays, schools, work, military service, church, 1st loves and current family, proms, fun times, vacations, accolades and graduations, our cars, our homes our dearly departed. The Family Archivist was established to document, preserve and manage those memories through modern methods. Their deliverable is a time capsule of sorts archived to be there tomorrow with your original intact. The final product archive is put in a format that can be shared through social media, thumb drives or the more traditional photo album or photo book.

Limelight had the pleasure of creating a complete corporate identity system, product suite and currently working on the Family Archivist’s website. Note to self: send your family 8mm films to the Family Archivist for preservation.

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