Developing a new brand name and image for a stevedoring company could be somewhat utilitarian and frankly not very creative. Other factors came into play. C-Port Maritime was named and designed to “fit” with it’s place of operations—the Port of Cleveland, but place was not the only consideration. The owner/operator, a partner of another organization—Valport Maritime Services located in Canada, had a larger growth model in mind than delivering stevedoring service.

Cargo congestion plagues the US Eastern Seaboard where ports are scrambling to acquire vacant, developable lands in order to expand their ports. Busy ports in Canada have already saturated their space and finding it difficult to grow. C-Port, in association with Valport, a proprietary carrier in association with both the Ports of Valleyfield, Quebec and Cleveland, Ohio have developed the first liner service to link the Great Lakes in over 40 years as well a short-sea service making for efficient transfer of break bulk and heavy lift cargoes between the US and Canada. The availability of land and access to large manufacturing markets around Ohio, Indiana and Michigan as well Quebec and Ontario help in staging vast staging areas with cargo destined—first— to Europe and soon to Asian ports. Limelight is working with both Valport and C-Port to create traditional and digital advertising campaigns, new marketing materials targeting commodity sectors such as heavy-lift equipment, steel and project cargoes as well, social media and online website marketing.

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