Headwaters Community Farm – Sustainability through Permaculture


Remove oneself from the urban context. Swing open the farm gate and start to build. Resist convention and adopt “natures design” in everything you do—construction of an energy efficient living envelope, treatment of waste and water, growth of food—plant and animal, showcase local neighbours and what they do. Revel in the talents of community members through invitation, engagement and sharing. Make this a rewarding life experience and use the model to remain sustainable while teaching others that these rewards originate by doing and become transferable through sharing.

Sounds complex? Nature is complex. Many micro-systems firing on different cylinders to keep a sustainable life engine going. Limelight’s job? Work with Headwaters Farm to unravel the myriad of life-sustaining systems and products, package them for people consumption, create a ‘revenue’ model that pays dividends in cash, barter, delivery, service, volunteerism and community enrichment. Blend all of this into a permaculture mindset while being part of the greater community.

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