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XIX – Nineteen

Peer pressure is a powerful phenomenon that can engage youth at an early age — grade 6 — and have them exploring sex, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. There is a steady increase in kids starting smoking all the way to age 19. 72% of those who try smoking at age 18 continue to smoke.

At 19 that number plummets to 12%. The reason we at Prevent-Cancer believe this happens is that at age 19 tremendous change takes place. Influence from the original peer group starts to crumble and in it’s place the 19 year old makes significant and invigorating life choices—moving out on their own, a new job, post-secondary education, a new community.

XIX is a movement dedicated to helping young people make life changes allowing for healing and healthy living. Change from smoker to vaper.

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Three unique brands were created for the three campaigns, along with print material for patients and doctors alike. ONCOblot, a revolutionary blood test that detects 25 types of cancer, was also promoted to help patients prevent developing cancer by detecting it before stage 1.

Videos and photoshoots were undertaken to create compelling content for both the website and social media channels. 


As we age the tell tale signs of body degradation can be felt. Bad habits have a way of catching up with us and must give way to a new lifestyle or we bare the consequences of poor health, the onset of acute or even chronic disease. Prevent-Cancer presents many options to a healthier lifestyle from sessions with New York Time Best Selling Author, founder of the Eat-Clean Diet®, Tosca Reno to new approved (in Canada) Cancer screening and the addition of vaping tools—a far less invasive method to smoking. Prevent-Cancer says, why quit when you can change?

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