MOBILE DISRUPTION – This ain’t your grandma’s Candy Crush

No, you’re probably not ready for the success of Grandma’s go to game. With her 128,000,000 active daily users you would be hard pressed to ignore this billion dollar a year business to work on your own.

Are your web based properties ready for mobile? If not you are quite possibly missing over 50% of your online marketing target. 73% of Q4 2013 total gross bookings came from mobile and that was nearly three years ago.

If your in-house mandate is to innovate we highly recommend that you explore all of the opportunities mobile presents. If your marketing directive is to engage audience we can only assume you are well on the path to mobile conversion and possibly “app” development including Improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. If your holy grail is to maintain or achieve growth in sales, again you had better dial in your marketing treadmill and work to beat the machine.

Assuredly the competition is in the same ball park which may present a competitive advantage–one that can be exploited by making the transition faster or better yet, adopting new tactics that deliver experiences for your market while enhancing brand integrity.

Larger companies will adopt mobile steering committees while SMEs with their innate flexible abilities will explore the host of “experiences” within and outside an App-beleaguered smart phone.

So where do you start? How can you make global or incremental changes and get in the game. Marketing leaders will immediately migrate their desktop web presence to a mobile-first responsive model. Consider how you might execute better brand experience for your customer. Custom create mobile-first ads for digital rather than shoe-horning standard display ads into mobile spaces. Know that your ads can appear in-app—what will they look like? How will they perform. Speaking of performance… what tools are you employing to measure the effectiveness of a campaign? Finally, what are you doing to take advantage of ApplePay or AndroidPay? Can this better customer experiences.

Are you looking to become a marketing disruptor? We recommend, get the basics dealt with first and start leading your sector. Drop us a line…

Photo courtesy of Mashable

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