ONCOblot® – Prevention, the best cure for cancer

… however, if detected treatment caught early improves healthcare outcomes

Being diagnosed is like embarking on a long and frightening journey into the unknown. A journey that could ultimately bring you face to face with an opponent too big to defeat, too fast to run away from. Healthcare has a new friend.

What if you could prevent cancer instead of having to fight it? What if early detection could significantly better your healthcare outcomes if this disease were detected? Intrigued?

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Limelight developed a campaign showcasing adults that would benefit from the game-changing ONCOblot® test. The test, administered via the patient’s doctor, can accurately detect 25 different forms of cancer. 

The ONCOblot® blood test can detect a tiny amount of the diseased cells anywhere in the body, whether it has spread or not. It is estimated this test can find as few as 2 million cancer cells, which roughly corresponds to a 1 to 2mm tumour – about the size of a pin head! Compare this to a mammogram which requires a tumour to contain about 100 – 1000 times more cells (7.5mm in size) before it will be reliably detected! Even if there is no tumour, but there are more than about 2 million cancer cells floating in the blood or lymphatic system, ONCOblot® will detect the presence of disease with great accuracy.

“Stage 0” cancers are also detected with high accuracy (like DCIS which is a localized cancer of the breast). What is even more impressive is that ONCOblot® also has a very low false-positive rate of less than 1% (the chance of telling you there is cancer in the body when there actually isn’t). This is extremely important because the test would not be useful if it frequently reported the presence of cancer when there was none.

In addition, ONCOblot® can identify the organ that the cancer came from (“tissue of origin”) without a scan or biopsy, with over 96% accuracy. If there are more diseased cells present, the accuracy of identifying the correct organ increases. More detailed information about the accuracy of ONCOblot® can be found on the FAQ page.

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