Privacy Policy

We collect personal information from our customers in the regular course of doing business. This statement answers some of your most frequently asked questions, and lets you know exactly how we’re protecting the information you entrust to us.

What personal information do you collect about me?
We collect the following information about you:
1. Name
2. Email Address

When you visit our website, we also collect:
Information about your computer, including your IP address, the type of operating system and browser you use, and your computer’s location what pages you visit on our site and what links you click on what other sites you’ve visited recently.

How do you use this information?
The main reasons we collect personal information from you are:

If it’s a necessary part of any of these transactions, we may disclose your information to another company. For example, when you apply for credit, we pass on your personal information to a credit reporting agency so we can complete a credit check. We also pass on your name and address to a courier company to complete a delivery.

Use of Personal Information for Secondary Reasons
We also may use your personal information for other, secondary reasons, including:

1. Name
2. Email Address

Sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties
We do not share your personal information with any third parties.

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51% - Mobile vs Desktop.
Mobile vs Desktop.
59% - Facebook leads the charge.
Facebook leads
the charge.
90% - Visual content has impact.
Visual content
has impact.
100% - Original content IS King.
Original content
IS King.
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Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Visitors on mobile devices made up more of the website traffic than desktop computers. 51 per cent of web traffic is on smartphones and tablets versus 49 per cent on desktop computers.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Social media provides a means of directly interacting with your audience. Facebook accounts for 59 per cent of social media users, with LinkedIn (30%), Twitter (25%) and Instagram (16%) rounding out the top 5.

Visual Impact

Visual Impact

90 per cent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Original images and photos help capture your audience's attention and can help you tell a more captivating story.

Original Content

Original Content

Truly great content tells your story and is the life's blood of social media. Creating great content helps retain your audience's attention and helps drive engagement with your followers.

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