Social For Brands

By Peter Gabany

Everyone using social today is doing so for a reason–it allows people to get something: be it recognition, an audience, a platform to demonstrate, to showcase, to ask for help.

When used personally, social media can quickly become ‘Jello’, a means for navel-gazing, armchair philosophy and even the caustic transmission of hate. Not an environment one really wants to be connected with–right? For business and industry, the rules change. While no one can afford to play that game, the opportunities that are unveiled by doing it correctly can only serve you well.

Business leaders want to increase “share of market”, to transcend sustainability, to grow into new and opportunistic markets. “Wait, there’s more”, creating a following online is not a matter of generating “Likes” but providing informed, authentic stories and curated content that engages your client or customer.

What on earth does that mean? You have a passion for your business and the products you manufacture. The services you provide. You’re honest, you go above and beyond, you follow up with your staff, management, suppliers. Above all, you take satisfaction to a new level. Why? Because tomorrow’s sales depend on it. So what’s missing?

Social Media channels allow us to affordably inform others of the milestones you make on a regular basis. The valuable stories you share in-office now have a chance to enlighten to entertain, to capture the attention of others. AND when you get it really right, those stories are shared with others, the results delivering beyond expectations.

How you get there using social media presents many challenges. Using social is far more a mirror, than a looking glass. Each post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube or Instagram must be an “authentic” reflection of one’s business or product. It’s not about presenting the sale, it’s all about presenting the passion people have for the product. The customer will pursue to acquire. That relationship, once achieved can only be spoiled if your company’s passion for service, fine products and stellar service fade.

Build customer or fan interest by creating new or curated content that supports the market you have a zeal for. Respect becomes abundant when you make your posts about the target. Help them out and refrain from always making it about you. They already know who you are and are following you because they are interested–work to enhance that interest. The content an editor posts must reflect how people see or experience your company’s level of service, your product performance, your company’s position on “social” concerns. Venture honestly and openly and this communication’s acid test can play to your favour. Use it wisely and you will enhance your brand position.

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