Because the world is once again in the throes of ‘laboured’ change. It can take the better part of one’s day, via whatever channel, to not only recognize shift, but determine what is relevant to you and then… what you should do about it.

Would it be fair to say that you simply want to maintain your business and/or grow your business? Stay relevant. Be chosen?

Communications has been about launch, change, innovation, engagement, disruption – about the attraction of eyeballs on you, your business, your products. You are entertained with notions of BIG data, content marketing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketing automation and conversion rate optimization. The jargon hopper is overfilling with complex algorithms for impending success and yet, here we are… with anxiety and confusion trying to stay or become relevant. Let’s sit a moment and consider what you think you want, what you need, what you know to be true.

Are you still striving, still coming to work each and every day wondering… what’s next for me? What’s next for our products, our service? What’s next for the people that work with us? For us? How do we earn the attention of prospects to try us? And then to try us again? Typically by selling them. Selling them by telling them. Hoping that we look, sound and function as relevant.

I will ask you here, what makes you relevant to today and tomorrow? Is your position safe? And who are you loyal to? Who are your customers loyal to and why?

Frequently what we hear from prospective and new clients is disappointingly consistent: we do this, we have always done this. Or there is a ‘new’ attempt to build excitement around the same offering but this time employing the new marketing technologies mentioned above. Or you continue to sell to your customer, resulting in the community you’ve built turning their attentions elsewhere.

So what can you do? What are the options?
Limelight is looking for businesses that wish to transition to a fresh air, new day approach. If you truly wish to enhance your business and customer culture that eclipses what you have been doing, then we’d very much like to help.

You must be willing to shed the things that have limited your business growth. And most importantly and consistently permit yourselves to start a persistent outbound conversation based on relevancy and earned attention.

“I need a new website, new content, new corporate identity, a video, a “programmatic media buy”. We don’t doubt your instincts for needing any of these. We wonder though, are you prepared to consider forging meaningful OUTCOMES first. Will you be the one to alter the course you’ve been on? We are asking you now.

Remaining on the same path will only deliver what you already have plus attrition. We wish to assist you in the creation of genuine promise that will move employees, customers, suppliers and your community to being advocates. They won’t only be proud to use your product, your service, but they will become your story tellers and provide personal and anecdotal persuasion. Would that be a good thing?

When our clients embrace their opportunity and empower us to help shape an expanding story that is real, interesting, relevant –– well, the results of our combined actions speak for themselves. This is not at all like a game of chance, this effort is more about careful analysis, informed decisions, testing, and execution done in partnership. [We always think of our clients as our partners.]

Lastly. Throughout a business relationship with Limelight, collectively and collaboratively, we push and we instigate, we drive and we sit as a passenger and then we arrive at a mutually agreed to destination, or a first stop on the journey of sustaining, maintaining, and growing your business.

And so it is. If you will, tell us, what are you thinking?

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