The high Arctic, the rain forests of Brazil and the Sahara all have one thing in common – Valport Maritime Services. Valport Brochure 1Valport Brochure 2

The Port of Valleyfield is located on an island in the St.Lawrence River, just outside of Montreal. It’s home to one of the largest consolidation points for outbound and inbound break bulk cargo. Impressive for a community of only 40,000.

Valport came to Limelight to better position themselves for growth. Busy while other ports have been quiet, Valport was once one of Canada’s best-kept cargo secrets. Today, the facility is known as Canada’s Largest “Small” Port.

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You take a postage stamp-sized community with a port along the Great Lakes Seaway – Highway H2O and you realize that they are far bigger than anyone would think. Apply some metrics to the operation and discover that – legitimately – the port is Canada’s largest ‘small’ port. Limelight repositioned Valport in 2009 just so and year after year it continues to grow profitably year after year. As much as we have done, Valport is only just getting started.

There is also a mobile responsive website in development.

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