Because the world is once again in the throes of ‘laboured’ change. It can take the better part of one’s day, via whatever channel, to not only recognize shift, but determine what is relevant to you and then… what you should do about it. Would it be fair to say that you simply want to maintain your business and/or grow your business? Stay relevant. Be chosen? Communications has been about launch, change, innovation, engagement, disruption – about the attraction of eyeballs on you, your business, your products. You are entertained with notions of BIG data, content marketing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketing automation and conversion rate optimization. The jargon hopper is overfilling with complex algorithms for impending success and

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  When I can, I wander to the stream. To fish. For trout as they run abundantly near home. I open up my 4 weight fly rod and put the sections together as if by ritual, which means I take my time. One actually learns to clear one’s mind and start to think like a fish. I contemplate the water. I look for the riffles and eddies, where the fish hang out because that is where the food gathers and the oxygen is in great supply. I open my bag of fly boxes and look for something that I have crafted that best represents what these fish eat each and every day. Happily I rarely get skunked, I catch fish.

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An appeal – mental healthcare services belong in Northumberland…

Right here in our homes, in our neighbours homes, on our streets, roads and avenues, in our schools and work places we are witnessing the rumblings of dramatic change. Voices that have been mostly silent are emerging.

Limpact Logo

30 Year retrospective – Limpact International

Working with our wonderful art director of the day, Maureen Jacques-Jackson, our approach was to create an icon that pushed the world’s continents together

MOBILE DISRUPTION – This ain’t your grandma’s Candy Crush

Are your web based properties ready for mobile? If not you are quite possibly missing over 50% of your online marketing target.

The Digital Postcard – Snapchat’s Geofilters

Businesses and industries holding events such as press conferences, new product launches or store locations, business expansion or employee, volunteer or management team appreciation would be wise to consider the SnapChat platform and channel.

The Repost

The Repost.

For some Instagram users, it’s unthinkable. For many others, it can be a tool for success. Reposting can be used to build your network quickly and meaningfully by increasing post frequency and brand loyalty.

For personal accounts, reposting memes or friend’s photos comes with it’s own set of rules. But when it comes to brands, what is the etiquette of the repost? How can it be done in a way that helps the brand but also shows respect for the content creator?

Social For Brands

Everyone using social today is doing so for a reason – it allows people to get something: be it recognition, an audience, a platform to demonstrate, to showcase, to ask for help.

When used personally, social media can quickly become a means for dependable communications, but for business, the rules change. To reach business goals using social media, like for any business objective, one starts with the end in mind. Business leaders want to increase share of market, to transcend sustainability, to grow into new and opportunistic ways. Little changes from this very important first step in developing a social media strategy.

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